Sunday, October 31, 2010

black beauties

silk taffeta dress from the fifties with stiffed linnen underskirt
Hermes Kelly bag from the fifties
Bally silk satin pumps from the fifties
Dior pumps from the sixties
bracelet from the sixties
Guinness choclate cake
Orval Trapist Ale beer from Belgium
70% noir intense from Côte d'Or
Tierra negra cooking pot from Columbia
cake flags out of old lace and ribbon, got the idea from nikole

natural halloween

I don't like halloween except if its coming in his natural form. When I was a child it was just not existing in Switzerland!
Today is the birthday of a dear friend of mine. I backed her a cake. Will come in the next post-have still to finish it.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Street gardens

Most of the pictures are from this book:

Michel Butor, Olivier Delhoume
"Jardins de rue au Japon"
Some are from me from Brussels, Antwerp and Tokyo. I have ideas for the next summer!

Friday, October 29, 2010

a wardrobe for butterflies

B. had to breed butterflies.
He gave them a house.
It looks so nice and they are doing well.

hairy stuff 2

Again some real hair pieces. It looks like everything comes from France.
The function of the hairnet is not completly visible for me-just bought it cause of the nice envelop.
The comb I like for the bow and the slide for its function.
Bought most of it in Maison Philippe Linssen in Brussels.
Rayon-wool stockings from the fifties, knitted in form.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

singel woman sunday

Like couples have their Sunday program, I have it too.
If it's not raining I mostly go to Brussels to the fleamarket.
Today it was raining. I wear my heavy walkingshoes, take a walk, go to the antique street in Antwerp, look for things for my work and my home.
Go to "Pain quotidien" for a blueberry cheesecake or a lemon tartelette.
Buy flowers or plants on the market.
Look for apartments, shops, houses and gardens to rent or to sale. Put my nose on the glas and try to catch something.
Load up my photos from the week and try to get updated with the blog.
Watching "madmen" or go to the movies.
Diy and cleaning.

And having suprises like the heart in the bread when I cut it this morning.

bath greenhouse

My bathroom is very humid. So I decided to make a kind of little greenhouse out of it! The potholders are crochet-little diy.
And the picked plants from the different Botanical Gardens are growing nicely!
The Japanes are doing good as well.
The photos are again from the magazin Ku:nel vol. 45.
And maybe I hang this kind of plant, forgot the name, next to my shower. The once in the Botanical Garden in Berlin were the biggest: trees! I would say. But these once are from the magazin and from Antwerp. They look like faces. Very weird thing.


Let them burn and you smell sulphur. In dutch they are called "lucifers". Maybe because the hell and the devil are connected with sulphur and fire of course!
I like the colours and the packages.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Autumne light

In Antwerp it's always the same: You want to go out, you take your keys, the moment you're at the door it's raining like hell, two minutes later it's done. But-you never know when the rain is coming back.
But the colours, what can I say. Yesterday afternoon and this morning god painted his sky!

Ecological cleaning

Sorélia la pierre d'argile: good for every surface and it looks like new. Incredible stuff!

Black soap: to use in the house, in the garden and especially also for very dirty wash. Very useful in the theater when performers tend to be pigs.

The book I have from Paris with a lot of useful tips.
Natural products are cheaper, more efficient if you learn how to use them and smell better. I'm a big fan.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

fur animals

Searching foxes, minks, weasel, ferrets, sables...
I buy them only second hand but even then it is not really so funny.
To be completly into human and animal hair for my work is a bit creepy.
But the meat eater have bigger problems to look at them then me as vegetarian. The steak has no connection any more with the animal it was once, but this once look at you.
I bought a fur today where I'm really not sure what it is-looks like a dog! Uhh...

The cape is ermine.
And my favorite painting from da Vinci: "Lady with an ermine" ( actually a ferret).

hairy stuff in black


I'm busy with hair for my work so I'm collecting at the moment everything which is connected to real human hair.
Here some pieces out of my collection.

long hairpiece
vintage gorilla eveningcape
horsehair, crine de cheval
horsehair cap

I like the work from shoplifter. Her home also on The Selby.

And I still have the long blond braid, my mother kept it after the hairdresser cut it when I was eleven.
Hair is emotional, strong and also creepy!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Paris and Brugge

This weekend I was in Paris. A perfect weekend and fantastic automne weather. Went to the fleamarket and to my favorite shops. What I thrifted will come in a later post.
First the hotelroom in this cheap hotel close to république-it's my secret!
On Sundays picknick on the canal with N.

Last weekend I was with A. in Brugge for a fashion show. The same nice weather and a lot of tourists in this little town.
We spent the night in the hotelroom to watch german television because we both have since years no tv! We watched "The Baader Meinhof Complex"  and in the morning I discovered this graffiti-nearly the same.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010



Just saw this dokus. All the men are having leading positions and the women do the nice, thiring, hard work. Strange that Coco Chanel was such an icon for emancipation and now 50 years later the women are still in the background, in her own business!
I really appreciate the work these women do, and I'm affraid the craft will not survive the next generation.

I only have the tennissocks from Chanel and the old bracelet in plastic. Both thrifted.
The gloves are from an unknown Belgian craftsman, have an amazing colour and came with matching purse.