Thursday, July 29, 2010

Little black cat


Long time ago my last post but I'm so busy with work in Switzerland and my computer didn't work well. Here the photos of a childrens book from the fifties about "Pitschi", the cat who is searching for his identity. Pipa the fantastic cat who leaves back in Amsterdam and a window from an artist atelier in Zurich.

Friday, July 9, 2010

garden holidays


A. wird mich verfluchen! Sie hat sich bereit erklärt, während meiner Abwesenheit von 5 Wochen zu meinem Balkongarten zu schauen. Natürlich ist er jetzt in voller Blüte und draussen brennt die Sonne unermüdlich auf's Flachdach. Es ist 35 grad und in meiner Küche, wo's im Winter gut und gerne nur gerade 8 grad ist, ist der Thermometer auch auf 29 grad geklettert! Zum Wassergiessen muss Frau auch noch klettern, über die Brüstung, um an die Sonnenpflanzen zu kommen und die haben natürlich am meisten Wasser nötig.Hmmm...das schlechte Gewissen schleicht sich ein.
Um es A. ein bisschen einfacher zu machen, habe ich die Pflanzen gruppiert, zwecks ihren Vorlieben und Gewohnheiten, und ich habe ihr einen Plan gezeichnet: Vogelperspektive, die Töpfe eingefärbt, damit sie weiss welcher Topf, wie gegossen werden muss! A. kennt mich bereits länger, so auch meine Peniblichkeit!
Alle meine Lieblinge werden's wohl nicht überleben. Hoffe nur, dass es die unbekannte Pflanze aus Japan tut, die einzige Spezies, die die lange Reise im Koffer, eingehüllt in Unterwäsche, über verschiedene Zolls überlebt hat! Und die Kakteen und Sukkulenten werden's wohl auch, die sind ja genügsamer.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

woman holding a balance


Found the balance in a thrift store and it reminds me of this painting from Vermeer. The balance is a piece of craftmanship itself, as well are the little, little weights.
In my hand all the pearl juwels I own-they are all fake I think! But I especially like the ring. You can rotate the pearl like a globus-kind of wish ball!
I also like the silver gilt bracelet, think it is from the 40ies. I usually don't wear juwels, but with this two I'm very happy.
The ermine fur is no fake, a vintage piece from Brussels, the foulard from Pierre Cardin, the sunglasses from the 70ies and the 3m long wooden table is Biedermeier.

Monday, July 5, 2010

golden ribbon


Frida Kahlos "Self-portrait with Small Monkey" and a window I saw yesterday in Brussels.
The protagonists are all linked by a golden ribbon which winds through the composition and indicates an emotional bond.
Do I have a golden ribbon?

Sunday, July 4, 2010

kashmir pasley


Found this beautiful hug shawl on the fleamarket. He is not in perfect condition, broken threads everywhere and bleached from the sunlight. But for me this makes him special and he was very cheap, I think it's an antique piece. Would like to use it as a rug, but I think he's too delicate especially with a cat at home!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

travel and buy with a free spirit


Found today these nice booklets in japanese paper. They have also a very nice cover in leather. It's an alternativ to the moleskine books and I especially like the long shaped size.
I bought the booklets in the new concept store in Antwerp Graanmarkt 13. And I have to say that I really appreciate the customer care which is in shops here in Antwerp for me not really the best. The sales persons are very nice and treat every client carefully. I know, if I once have more money, I will return to shops like this because they didn't treat me like shit, because I only bought something for 10 euros. Understatement and kindness is for me the top of luxury and elegance!