Thursday, October 31, 2013


for once I'm in the country of Halloween
I'm wondering how it will be at night
it's nice to be here in automne
with many colored leaves and no snow


automne in the port
looks sometimes like a moon landschape
while posting this I'm already over the ocean

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

white winter food

Hirsebrei mit Apfel, Honig und Nüssen
Sellerie-weisse Bohnensuppe mit Tahin
etwas schleimig

for healthy vegan recipes I discovered this
hope to eat some of that when staying in Montclair next week
to be honest, most of american food isn't like that
especially if you stay somewhere next to a Highway in Totowa!

Monday, October 14, 2013

grey and orange

the automne is here
rainy, grey and cold
orange seems to be the new winter color
not really my favorite except in nature
it's tea and Eintopf time
beeswax candels

really love this ring from wsake
this knitted sweater from Toast for M.
and this dufflecoat for me

Thursday, October 3, 2013


last week we performed in Geneva
went to the museum to see more of Ferdinand Hodler
I'm rediscovering him through M. since I left Switzerland
the things which were close get another quality by seeing it from a distance

I really liked the old cinema and the chandelier in the theater


normally I don't talk much about my work on this blog
but this time it's different
I was nominated with my costumedesign for Tragedy of a Friendship
by "Operawelt" for best opera costumes season 2012/2013
I'm very happy and proud
all the tears, fear, discussions, working nights and bloody fingertips are worth it
the hundreds of pearls still hang on the velvet
the white is still white even after much porcblood was used

it's definitly time to shoot proper photos

there is still the chance to see it in real
Montclair State University, New Jersey US-Kasser Theater-1.-3. November
Lille France-Opera-23., 25., 26. November
Bruges Belgium-Concertgebouw-11. December

by the way:
I'm looking for a room to sleep in New York from 4. - 8. November for 4 nights
would like to stay in Brooklyn
anyone knows something?