Sunday, November 18, 2012

African treasures

since a while now I'm interested in African textiles and jewelery
on the fleamarket  you can still find some very rare things
mostly from private collections of Belgium people who went before 1960 to Congo
when it still was a Belgium colony (1885-1960)

as swiss without this past I have maybe another view on the things

my little africa collection started with the monkey cape I discovered 2 years ago
beautiful but frightening as well, it's like mans hair and of course forbidden now

ebony and silver bangles
bangle out of elephant hair and ebony (as well forbidden to have!)
piece of Raffia weaving, maybe a part of a Teke chief's skirt, very fine, DR Congo
coconut bead necklace, DR Congo
iron spike cache-sex for young woman, Cameroon
Tutsi baskets (Igiseke/Agaseki) without lid in plant fibres for food storage, Rwanda & Burundi

Saturday, November 17, 2012

ginger lemonade

for winter
against the cold
colour like deep frozen ice
fresh and sparkling

homemade ginger lemonade
another wonderful recipe out of this book
gibt's auch in Deutsch

Friday, November 16, 2012

presents for myself

I don't stop with blogging.
was just ill for some days and the November tiredness came over me!

did myself some presents the last months!
they have the same kind of colour scheme

beeswaxcandels from TOAST
wine glasses from Lobmeyr/Vienna
curry spoon in walnut from Yoshiyuki Kato via
handwoven basket bag Akebi Shell Kago also via
coated cotton dress from Sophie
doll cardigan from MM for H&M
a mohair blanket which fit to the cat from TOAST
cashmere wool from Lang

since I was 4 years ago in Japan, and our translator walked around with a basket from the northern part of the country, I was dreaming of having one myself.
I like the simple form and tactility of the material.
In the same way of Wabi Sabi is the spoon carved-not completly perfect, not too smooth, just enough. This is the difficult part, or maybe the edge between a craftsman and an artist.
When is the moment not to add more, just to leave it a little unfinished?

Thursday, November 1, 2012

secret places IV

our secret places stayed no more secret
for once I'm so happy to have no profil on facebook
the film shooting is over
it turned into a nightmare
I'm tired and scared about the politics in Antwerp
about fanatic people who don't use their mind
about people who believe everything which is written in the medias

I'm relieved
that I never use the real names on my blog
that people bearly can make a connection
except they know me in real life and not only virtual

artists should be free
artists should make a revolution
artists are poetical

I loved the birds in the film
they are strong
they are powerful