Monday, August 18, 2014

greenish grey

green tends out to be my most loved colour
want to paint the turqouis wall in the living very dark green
found finally a fitting fabric for the yellow couch
wanted to have sage, but it's more grey
a 70ies cushion cover
the book about Agnes Martin I found via the book/shop
the collection of scandinavian glass
and the most beautiful placemat from the 50ies with linnen napkins

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


it started with the movie
then I got the beautiful owl from M. for my birthday
she guards the table
from then on
I met them everywhere
mostly in the Brockenhaus
the towle I will give to M.
she already has a pillowcase
and the pictures in black and white are from a childrens book
taken with a Leica
it's a Waldohreule
how the lunar phases influence owls and other creatures, you can read here

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Doug Ayers

the story:
I went in Dietikon/ Zurich to the Brockenhaus
checked out everything very carefully
saw a strange wooden vase
showed it to M. who decided
that I have already too much stuff
and that she's ugly and not worth to take it with me in the already heavy suitcase
I left it there

in the evening I checked cinoh
I saw this post
I started researching about this guy
couldn't find much

I wanted to go back immediatly
but we went first to the mountains
on our way back one week later
I went to the Brockenhaus
she was still there

this vase
out of Hawaiian Koa wood
was maybe bought by some hippies from Zurich in California
in the 70ies
brought over the ocean to Switzerland
stood in some bookcase for 40 years
the people died
their children thought it was not worth to keep it
so they gave it to the Brockenhaus
and I stumbled upon it
bring it now to Antwerp

that is the exiting thing about collecting
you get to know something by digging deeper
and there is always a story behind it
sometimes you know it
but more often
you just try to figure it out
I love it

Saturday, August 2, 2014

houses Zurich

even if I know the city so well
there are still surprises
or you see them with different eyes
the pic from the pharmacy I took a while ago
it doesn't exist anymore
it's an organic shop now
alte möbel und objekte is now a clothing shop
but Rrock has an awesome collection of very rare furniture
not for my budget

this shop I liked a lot
beautiful objects, furniture, lights and a lot from Japan

Friday, August 1, 2014

1. August

Today it's swiss national day
when I was in the Brockenhaus
I saw nice towels
some I bought
some I just photographed
some I will sell on the upcoming flea in Antwerp

le corbusier in Zurich

the last house he did
on the lake of Zurich
built not to live in
but for exhibitions
there is no bathroom
only a little toilet

Heidi Weber