Monday, May 31, 2010

Vase déjà-vu


Strange and nice in the same way to discover on a blog an object from my own apartment. Not a vase I bought by IKEA-no a vase from a thrift store in Zurich and the owner of the apartment in South London has it as well from a thrift store. Objects travel around the world and you find them back in our times on the worldwideweb.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Girls on the wall


My girls on the wall are not perfect. They have chips-let's say they got injured! The light blonde girl plate had a chip already when I found it in a thrift store. The marionette got injured by my cat Campari, she played with her, felt down and her hairtuft broke. The big Goldscheider mask from the 30ies was found in two parts-the head and the bow-in a box on a fleamarket.
They are not perfect but have character.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Growing in the shade part 2


You remember this? They grow well on my shady terass, and I'm really happy with the plants. Put the tomatos out on the roof of my neighbour-they have there some sunlight in the morning and the late afternoon. We will see, if they manage!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Kuchen unter die Kerzen


Einen Cake backt man zu einer bestimmten Gelegenheit: zum Geburtstag zum Beispiel. Meist backt man sonst keinen Kuchen, oder nur selten. Schade eigentlich. Habe im Brockenhaus noch originalverpackte Geburstagskuchenkerzenhalter aus den 70igern gefunden: rosa und viel mehr im Detail ausgearbeitet als man sie heutzutage im Supermarkt findet. Und in der Kiste nebenan waren noch die mini Bienenwachskerzen.
Da momentan niemand in meiner Nähe Geburtstag hat, dacht ich, was soll's, ich backe einfach einen Cake unter die Kerzen. Blas die Kerzen aus und wünsch mir was.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Perla Mode


Another fantastic place in Zurich. It was once a jewish fashion shop in the middle of the red-light district on the Langstrasse. Now it's a gallery. Currently they have an exhibition about the uproars in 1980.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Zurich places


One of my favorite restaurants and a house which is no longer a restaurant, which was once scout! A small nostalgic cinema and the national circus.
Zurich changed a lot the last years but there are still authentic buildings. I hope they will survive!

Zurich Market


On Tuesday and Friday is farmers and flower market on Helvetiaplatz. Some of the stall holders are the same since years. I like the little ones the most. Incredible big choice of vegetables, cheese, flowers-often organical.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

les halles


les halles in Zurich, one of the bars which are still nearly the same like 10 years ago. In the middle of the Kreis 5 which got so hip the last years and where nearly all the old buildings were broken down and had to make place for all the new steal lofts.
Here you find also the swiss drink Gazosa in a lot of different tastes like: arancia amara, mandarino, lampone, mirtillo, chinotto, pompelmo, limone. Great taste, nice bottle.

Monday, May 3, 2010



Switzerland is calling. I go tomorrow for one week to Switzerland. Really looking forward to see family and friends. And I will pick up my favorite childrens books, illustrated by Alois Carigiet. Nearly every swiss child grew up with them. They first were published in 1945!
They are still so beautiful and I always get a bit homesick when I look at them.
After the trip you will see more pictures.

reverse side


After ironing one of my favorite dresses, I took some pictures of the fabric. It is a fabric from the 1960s I think and it is "lancé decoupé" (don't know how you say it in english!) with a psychedelic print on it. It is one of these fabrics you could also use from the reverse side which I find always very interesting.