Sunday, April 18, 2010

Growing in the shade

Von tales of the nightingale

Went out of the city today to arboretum Kalmthout for the "planten dag". Searching for plants which grow well in the shade. Have a really nice, big terrace but never sun there. The sun stops in front of the terrace. Really a difficult thing to find nice and even flowering plants. The window-sills in my bath- and sleeping room are full with plants, no place there anymore.
Today it was paradise for me: found 8 plants, all from Asia and Mexico which are growing perfect in the shade-there is even a tree under them, but still very small. Waiting for the big garden, once-hopefully.
I like the latin names a lot.

From top left clockwise:

Tricyrtis hirta-Taiwan
Polygonatum falcatum-Japan
Maackia amurensis-China tree!
Epimedium amanogawa-Japan in Deutsch Elfenblume
Yerba buena satureja douglasii-Mexico tea
Pleione formosana-China
Disporum flavens-Asia

J. asked me if I was high from nature today, because I explained him every single plant with total enthusiasme.
I think I'm high. Nature is fantastic!

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