Saturday, November 16, 2013

things I brought home

the dackshund is moving his head and tail
he makes a good sculpture on the anvil from M.
another long wooden spoon think from California Red Wood
funnels and a star for my stove
hot sauce from the largest rooftopfarm in Brooklyn
liquid smoke does it great on tofu
the most beautiful can opener I ever saw, of course japanese
the tarot cards are amazing and are from the wild unknown
Mickey band-aids are just fun

Friday, November 15, 2013

point of view

staircase from two different perspectives at the NewMuseum
on the waterfront
too much trash and plastic

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Brooklyn and Manhattan shops, drink, eat


Parlor coffee bar - found through die Zeit and was not the only one

Oslo coffee - the best coffee I had

Diner mexican Restaurant

Maison Premiere - Bar - old fashioned, good Absinth Cocktails

Café Mogador - moroccan food - not too expensive, nice atmosphere

Catbird - jewelry and schnickschnack

Whisk - kitchenware - hugh

Joinery - kind of ecological fashion, candles, ceramics, books - nice shop

Bird - fashion high end and hip, expensive but nice shop

Malin Landaeus - select vintage - expensive but special

AD HOC Shop - mens ashion - small, not too expensive, very nice joice


McNally Jackson store - stationary - very nice

ACE Hotel shop - nice selection

Brooklyn Buildings

I stayed in Brooklyn-Williamsburg
I liked it more then Manhattan
still a little rough
but it's the same everywhere in big cities
the rich take over every little part of freedom

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Manhattan Buildings

back home I realized that I didn't took many pictures while staying in New York
the feelings and memories stay without a shoot
the overwhelming feeling comes back in the fever dreams I had the past nights

and strangely
I was so dissapointed about MoMA while there
the art pieces in my memory come back much clearer

of course it's realy good modern art
but MoMA is an American Supermarket of modern art
the wheel of Duchamp cleaned and laquered to its brilliant state
which I think is not the intention of a ready-made

I realized that I'm more european then I thought!