Friday, November 15, 2013

point of view

staircase from two different perspectives at the NewMuseum
on the waterfront
too much trash and plastic


  1. how did you like the chris burden exhibition? i thought it was amazing!

    1. Yes, indeed, it was very good. I like his critical and political approach, and it was nice to see how he did the "Beam drop" in Antwerp, because I live there! I also liked very much the installation from Carol Bove in MoMA. What else did you see?

  2. Unfortunately I didn't make it to MoMA, nor the Guggenheim...but I saw a big Mike Kelley retrospective at MoMA PS1 - have you been there, too? I loved it. Also, the High Line was one of my favourite "art" places. And we went to see the "Dream House", a very interesting/weird art/light installation in TriBeCa.