Saturday, April 12, 2014

macrame I

I know very well how to knit and crochet
I know even better how to sew and make patterns
I know better and better how to make handbags in leather

I learn now how to make macrame

another traditional handcraft which has a hugh reveval the last years

I still have the old books of my sister
who did it in the late 70ies
all in orange and dark green
she would screem, if she would see me now

it has something very meditative
the different yarns and ropes in natural colors are beautiful

first try out for a plant hanger

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

got my hands on it

from Walter Bosse I knew the animal figures
but he made also a brass hand
I dreamt about to have one
never saw anywhere one
till yesterday
in the thrift store
my heart made a jump
maybe it's a fake one, cause it's not marked
the hand is a beautiful object

Carl Auböcks hand is the next one

Monday, April 7, 2014

favorite vegan recipe I: sweet & sour

after I participated at Matimuk for the "Zwischenzeit"I & II
I decided to post some of my favorite vegan recipes

I start with a classical sweet & sour
my sister gave it to me 20 years ago when I started to be a vegetarian and to live on my own
it's real comfort food and tastes good even 2 days after you cook it

Sweet & sour tofu


2cm ginger root, grated
2 tbs sugar
3 tbs vinegar, I take rice vinegar
2 tbs concentrated tomato
3 tbs soja sauce
2 tbs sherry or sake
5 tbs orange juice or apple juice with some lemonjuice

stir the ingredients well together


2 cucumbers, in half, seeded, gut into pieces
1/2 kohlrabi, cut into pieces
1 red paprica, cut into slices
1 carrot, cut into pieces
any green like cabbage, spinach, broccoli, even salad, cut
1 mango, cut into pieces
2 red onions or spring onions, cut into rings
300 g tofu, pressed for 1/2 hour, to release all the water, cut into pieces, sprinkled with flour

in oil fry the tofu from all sides
in another pan fry in oil the vegetables, start with the mango, kohlrabi, onions, paprica, cucumbers and finally the greens
I do it in a wok, actually one by one, and mix it together at the end

finally pour the well stired sauce over it and let cook for about 3 minutes

serve with basmati rice

you can use all other vegetables you have in your fridge, the mango is necessary for the sweet taste

the rice I wash 3 times, using the water for the plants=excellent fertilizer!
then I let stand the rice in water for at least 1 hour=the grain gets much longer
pour the water away and add 1 1/2 times the amount of rice in water to cook it for 12 minutes with lid on it, let rest for 10 minutes or more

the photo is taken 2 days after I cooked it, actually without tofu, I fryed the rice!
second photo shows how tofu gets really firm to fry it easy

Sunday, April 6, 2014

wild tulips on the terrace

they are so beautiful

Persische Tulpe "tulipa clusiana"
Kretische tulpe "tulipa saxatilis"

both from manufactum

and the forsythia is still blooming and growing inside
every year again the azalea from Aldi!

Friday, March 28, 2014

abounded house

P. and me passed the house during a trip to the thrift stores in Antwerps surroundings
abounded for years
the wallpaper was mounted in 1936
I found checks from 1956
it has been a hugh nursery for orchids
all things where already took like the doorhandles and lamps
natur takes the property over

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


I bought a quince tree
blooms already for four weeks and no end to see
in fact everything is 3 weeks earlier then last year

Sunday, March 16, 2014

wood, concrete, black and white

If I wouldn't have become a fashion designer
I would like to be a carpenter
or an architect
or a photographer
or a farmer

that's maybe why I never buy books or magazins about fashion anymore
my wishlist on books is all in the same field
Charlotte Perriand - Scheidegger & Spiess
what a strong and emanzipated artist and she had two opuntia cacti in her atelier in Paris in 1927 :-)

Carlo Scarpa - Phaidon

Francois Hallard - Rizzoli
very diverse interiors all by famous people of course

Junya Ishigami - How small? How vast? How architecture grows

Minka 1955 Japanese traditional houses
beautiful black and white photos

Emmet Gowin
so intimate portraits of his wife over decades, reminds me of Sally Mann and Dorothea Lange

Gaston Bachelard - The poetics of space
It is about the architecture of imagination-how beautiful is that!
The Japanese Joinery book I bought in the nice shop in Williamsburgh with the same name
The work-place Studio Mumbai book in Antwerp but it's from a swiss publisher

Saturday, March 15, 2014

new music in the house

discovering more or less new music

this guy is amazing with his recorder (what a strange english name for this instrument!) - "una follia di Napoli-Maurice Steger"

what to say about Jake Bugg?
he played a radio session on Belgium Radio 1
he's so good and so young - Ich hoffe er wird nicht verheizt!

he performed his version from Neil Young "The needle and the damage done" - great song and text

Mulatu Astatke - Sketches of Ethiopia

and last but not least Yasmine Hamdan - discovered her through the new Jim Jarmusch movie

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

slow baking

Ich und mein Sauerteig
eine Geschichte für sich
es sieht alles schön und zen aus
aber es ist eine Wissenschaft für sich
selbst übt man sich in Geduld
ein Brot braucht rund 9 Stunden bis es dann auch gebacken ist
das Resultat lässt sich nicht immer sehen
das Mehl
die Raumtemperatur
die Luftfeuchtigkeit
der Ofen
alles hängt irgendwie zusammen
aber wie, das ist die Frage
und das braucht Übung und noch viel mehr Geduld

begonnen habe ich vor rund 3 Jahren
mit nem tollen Buch, das aber voller Fehler ist
was ich irgendwann herausgefunden habe
echt scheisse, wenn der Sauervorteig einfach nicht richtig sauer wird
dabei alles schön nach Rezept gemacht
dann in Brooklyn im Coffeeshop ein anderes Buch entdeckt
und dem Fehler auf die Schliche gekommen
jetzt geht der Sauervorteig voll ab
das Brot geht während 6 Stunden gewalltig in die Höhe
und dann die Katastrophe
ich kriegs nicht mehr aus der Form
es klebt
sieht aus wie eine Tropfsteinhöhle
und landet als flacher Fladen auf dem Blech
Fladenbrot war nicht die Idee

gestern gings gut
weil ich inzwischen weiss
der Teig muss fest sein, darf auf keinen Fall kleben
aber auch nicht zu fest
man darf sich nicht immer ganz nach Rezept richten
mehr Mehl zugeben, bis er halt die richtige Festigkeit hat
zum Aufgehen lassen einfach im Raum stehen lassen
nicht in die Sonne, nicht auf die Heizung
sonst gehts zu schnell ab
es ist slow baking

check out matimuk for her "Zwischenzeit"
I contributed as well, soon to come

Friday, March 7, 2014

cactus in a window

a photo from Brussels I have for a long time
could never put it in the right context
but today on my way
I discovered a big cactus and plantcollection in the window of a house
I would like to sneak inside this house
it seems to be interesting people who live there
they have the plant in bloom
which I took from the botanical garden, but makes with me no effort to grow

and I'm desperatly looking for a opuntia cactus
if somebody would like to get rid of one
please contact me
I have some other plants to trade like a pilea