Tuesday, October 13, 2015

pilea shippment

in times like this
we have to share more and not make money out of everything we can
there are so many refugees here in Europe from Syria
and in other corners of the world
people put their pilea on ebay
how weird is that

pilea is the plant to share and not to sell
she makes so many babies, once you have it
you don't know where to get rid of them

cuttings were send to UK, Italy and USA

from Lawren I got a nice parcel
included some more jetons from "Le nine jaune" in a color I didn't have
a beautiful collage as well


  1. I can understand why there is a market for those cuttings - I have never seen this plant in southern California and feel so covetous looking at European blogs!

    1. Dear Genna, do you want a cutting? I did send one, a little tiny one to Kansas in a letter. It took a while, but arrived. To send it in a parcel is not possible, because the post get scanned and they take it out, but in a letter it worked obviously. Send me an email if you are interested: akreaktion@gmail.com

  2. Do you still ship the pilea cuttings? I've never seen one in a shop here in Belgium. Lovely little plants

    1. Dear Stéphanie, I have still one of the pileas, but if you live in Belgium, it would be nice to pick it up in Antwerp, because this shipping is very time consuming and expensive and not so easy with already a quite grown up plant. So if you're still interested, send me an email: akreaktion@gmail.com

  3. Hi Andrea,

    Will you ship the cuttings to New York? Sold out everywhere in the US!


  4. I would LOVE a cutting! Would you please send me info? Would really appreciate it! Thanks!

  5. Dear Andrea....if this is still available I would love a little cutting. I have been looking in the states for a year to no avail. I will send postage. Merry Christmas. And happy new year!
    Ann knoblauch
    3401 Longfellow Blvd
    Saint Louis Missouri

  6. P.s. I will pass along. Not sell! Please hints on growing. Many thanks in advance. Ann

  7. Dear Andrea,
    is there a chance for a cutting to Lisbon? I'll leave you my email and will cross my fingers! :)
    Happy Christmas!

  8. Hi Andrea, I've become obsessed with this little plant but can't find it anywhere! I have a small jam company and would love to send you some jars in exchange for a clipping if your plant is up for it? I love that you're sending it out into the world. Xo margaret mgreenwoodjams@gmail.com