Thursday, May 22, 2014

the same but different

going through images
I found these two
a book cover
a page from Japan
the same colours

I'm lately often checking these new (for me) sites:

hippie and green - bohemian homes

nice stationary - Present&Correct

because I liked there interview on Freunde von Freunden - Association

also from Freunde von Freunden - Bonjour Johanna

for inspiration in shape and colour - mineralia
more minerals - luminous woods

mid-century and plants - modern findings - but never ever with a source, I hate that, I want to know more about the things on the photo as well from whom it is

food an nice pictures - local milk

garden tools and co. for people with money and style - the garden edit

Rezepte und Wissen aus den österreichischen Alpen - wild find

vegetarian food and nice pictures - krautkopf

nature, hippie, plants, tatoos - mintox

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

summer air

the smell
the warmth
the colours
the light
the sound
it's nearly summer
went to see a house for sale
you couldn't see the end of the garden

Monday, May 19, 2014

new friend

may I introduce you to
the albino mouse
found yesterday on the fleamarket
he is too cute
and he's overlooking everything
the cat is not at all interested in stuffed animals 

Friday, May 9, 2014

starting a cactus collection

M. and me started to collect cacti
he goes for the big ones, the most sculpture like
I go for the strange ones
once they will come together

I have now more from south africa
desert plants like euphorbia obesa, pterocactus tuberosa and jatropha podagrica
then I have a selenicereus grandiflora
she will probably bloom in two years

we got them all from this event
collectors are special people
and I realized a certain love from older men for cacti :-)
they were so passionated about their prickly species

the big collection is from Antwerps Botanical Garden
euphorbia obesa has male and female plants
females are bigger and they grow very slow
mine is 10 years old