Thursday, May 22, 2014

the same but different

going through images
I found these two
a book cover
a page from Japan
the same colours

I'm lately often checking these new (for me) sites:

hippie and green - bohemian homes

nice stationary - Present&Correct

because I liked there interview on Freunde von Freunden - Association

also from Freunde von Freunden - Bonjour Johanna

for inspiration in shape and colour - mineralia
more minerals - luminous woods

mid-century and plants - modern findings - but never ever with a source, I hate that, I want to know more about the things on the photo as well from whom it is

food an nice pictures - local milk

garden tools and co. for people with money and style - the garden edit

Rezepte und Wissen aus den österreichischen Alpen - wild find

vegetarian food and nice pictures - krautkopf

nature, hippie, plants, tatoos - mintox


  1. great links:)

    i wish i had more money (and style) to get everything from the garden edit...:)

  2. da bin ich jetzt gerade viel zu lange hänge geblieben : )