Tuesday, May 20, 2014

summer air

the smell
the warmth
the colours
the light
the sound
it's nearly summer
went to see a house for sale
you couldn't see the end of the garden


  1. you´re going to buy a house?! so exciting...
    i´ve never seen a "zickzack" tree in bloom - very cute!

    1. yes, tiny flowers with a incredible smell, very sweet. he was kind of week, but now he's blooming=happy. I would like to buy a house or an apartment, but it's not easy to find something. The one I saw on Saturday wasn't renovated since 50 years I would say, with no heating, no bathroom, only a hole as a toilet, no kitchen, not inhabited since 15 years=You had to do everything from scratch!

  2. lovely pictures
    and I´m also curious about "your" house : )

  3. love the flowers.
    the pots.
    the leaves.
    the garden!
    Happy Day!