Sunday, November 18, 2012

African treasures

since a while now I'm interested in African textiles and jewelery
on the fleamarket  you can still find some very rare things
mostly from private collections of Belgium people who went before 1960 to Congo
when it still was a Belgium colony (1885-1960)

as swiss without this past I have maybe another view on the things

my little africa collection started with the monkey cape I discovered 2 years ago
beautiful but frightening as well, it's like mans hair and of course forbidden now

ebony and silver bangles
bangle out of elephant hair and ebony (as well forbidden to have!)
piece of Raffia weaving, maybe a part of a Teke chief's skirt, very fine, DR Congo
coconut bead necklace, DR Congo
iron spike cache-sex for young woman, Cameroon
Tutsi baskets (Igiseke/Agaseki) without lid in plant fibres for food storage, Rwanda & Burundi

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  1. Wow... das Cape.
    Superschöne Sammlung. Darf ich mal anfassen?