Friday, November 16, 2012

presents for myself

I don't stop with blogging.
was just ill for some days and the November tiredness came over me!

did myself some presents the last months!
they have the same kind of colour scheme

beeswaxcandels from TOAST
wine glasses from Lobmeyr/Vienna
curry spoon in walnut from Yoshiyuki Kato via
handwoven basket bag Akebi Shell Kago also via
coated cotton dress from Sophie
doll cardigan from MM for H&M
a mohair blanket which fit to the cat from TOAST
cashmere wool from Lang

since I was 4 years ago in Japan, and our translator walked around with a basket from the northern part of the country, I was dreaming of having one myself.
I like the simple form and tactility of the material.
In the same way of Wabi Sabi is the spoon carved-not completly perfect, not too smooth, just enough. This is the difficult part, or maybe the edge between a craftsman and an artist.
When is the moment not to add more, just to leave it a little unfinished?


  1. I am jealous, I like the coated cotton dress especially

    1. Yes, it looks like leather and feels like paper, and I know it is getting more and more beautiful by wearing it. Like a pair of Jeans you break in. It is from this