Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A shelter-a dream

Eine Hütte, ein Zufluchtsort, eine Werkstatt zum arbeiten-das ist mein Traum.
Aus dem Fenster ins Grüne zu blicken.
Feuer zu riechen.
Blumen pflücken.

"Early man had to built with readily available local materials-canes and grasses, leaves and twigs. From these pliant and insubstantial materials he had to create a relatively permanent and structurally rigid unit."
(Di Lloyd Kahn, Shelter, by Shelter Publications, California, 1973)

Fool text about a Shelter from Amanda Maxwell in apartamento #6

Photos from:
"Woodstock-handmade houses"-a fantastic book from 1974!
"Sumu" japanese magazin winter 2011
IDEAT magazin

I'm dreaming of having a house I can built a little by my own.
Nature is important, green, flowers, forest and mountains or water.
It could be modern with a touch of old!

Here are my favourites so far:
kim krans
villa vals
Roly by Bruno Erpicum

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