Saturday, June 11, 2011

House: poetics in the ordinary

Recently I'm fascinated by Japanese architectur, gardens, aestethics.
Found some nice books.
First the one from Kazunari Sakamoto
projects from 1969 till 2001

"I have come to think that my desire is to free the space of architecture from several frames.
It's also that I have come to seek a space of freedom that has not yet been seen.
This type of space will release our bodies and spirits from various binds,
and make possible its own communication to the world
This space, however is not within a special place or a special time.
I have come to believe it is a place within the absolute commonness of the everyday,
within the continuation of ordinary time.

The interiors of his boxes are at the beginning full with Danish mid-century furniture.
Later more the wooden craftmanshio of his one country.
I like the simplicity, really this boxshaped constructions.

Can a box be free?

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