Monday, March 5, 2012

Brockenhaus treasures III

weekend in Zurich
went out of the airplane and nearly 2 hours later already in the Brockenhaus
things I saw but didn't bought, 'cause I have too much already :-)


  1. the plates are so nice!
    hope you will show soon what you did buy! sounds pretty fantastic there! want to go to zurich!

    1. Zurich is the most expensive city worldwide, but there are still some places, where you can find treasures, but you have to be earlier then the vintage hunters. I check in with 9 kg and come back with 21 kg!!!!!! My friends there turn their eyes when I say, that I go to the Brockenhaus, they know me too good and their attics are still fool with things I couldn't take with me by plane or trein.