Wednesday, September 4, 2013

cooking with Ottolenghi

I got the tip from my friend T.
she is turning more to a vegetarian
while I'm turning after 20 years sometimes back to meat
to cook all day long vegetables in different ways
is just not that simple to be honest
so trying out some recipes from Ottolenghis different cookbooks

I mean, I can be happy
that I live in Antwerp in the moroccon quarter close to "Chinatown"as well
all this different ingredients are not easy to find

Thats what I cooked the last days
a lot with tomatos, they are sweet and incredible cheap at the moment

ok, I think Ottolenghi does a great job!


  1. It looks so tasty . Could you pleas type the names of the meals ? Can't wait to look up for it

    1. 1. Shakshuka-Tunesia 2. Imams Aubergines-Turkey not from Ottolenghi but he has a simillar recipe: Aubergines with buttermilk topping 3. Risotto from barley with marinated feta
      Maybe the titels are not completly correct, cause the cookbook is in dutch and my native language is german, so I had to translate it. There are 3 different cookbooks from Ottolenghi where I think the last one: Jeruzalem is the best. But it is with fish and meat recipes as well.

    2. Thank you for taking the time to write:)

  2. hach .... das eRste lacht mich an.
    ich mag spiegelei, das neu kombinieRt wiRd.
    liebe gRüße. käthe.

    1. Das erste ist am schnellsten gekocht und unkompliziert und schmeckt echt überraschend fein. Habe es eigentlich nur gekocht um meine neue Pfanne auszuprobieren :-)

  3. Oh lass mich dein Versuchskaninchen sein.