Friday, December 6, 2013

crochet soap sack DIY

I saw it in a shop in New York and on ikoiko
It's easy to make yourself
with a nice bar of soap it's a lovely present for friends

you need:

crochethook EU size 3
fine hempyarn
linnen ribbon
basic crochet skills
2 houres under a blanket on your couch

1.Rd: 8 sc in a loop
2.Rd: in every sc 1 sc + 3 chs = you will have 8 bows
3.Rd: in every bow 1 sc + 3 chs = you still have 8 bows
4.Rd: in every bow 1 sc, 3 chs, 1 sc, 3 chs = you finally have 16 bows
5.Rd: in every bow 1 sc, 3 chs
continue in a spiral till you have 23 Rd from the beginning

the sack approximatly measures 4 ¼" × 4 ½" or 11cm × 11.5cm

weave a linnen ribbon or a chain of hempyarn through the loops on top

good luck!

I have different soaps then 3 years ago, see here!

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