Thursday, February 13, 2014

Secret Engadina

the militairy map shows the surrounding of the Maiensäss from my father in the Alps
inspiration out of a magazin from the beginning of the 80'
found it when I went through his things
and realized after so many years
that he still had so many plans and dreams
which he couldn't realize
I have similar plans

Secret Europe-which was heavily discussed on matimuk
of course it still exists
but less and less

if you plan to visit Switzerland
check out the different little books from Heimatschutz-only in French and German
there are many treasures in them
or spend some holidays in a renovated house

by the way-the light wood all over the rooms is mostly Arve
like the little piece in my last post
it smells over years very specific and is relaxing
the little animals I have since 30 years out of this wood are still smelling

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