Saturday, April 12, 2014

macrame I

I know very well how to knit and crochet
I know even better how to sew and make patterns
I know better and better how to make handbags in leather

I learn now how to make macrame

another traditional handcraft which has a hugh reveval the last years

I still have the old books of my sister
who did it in the late 70ies
all in orange and dark green
she would screem, if she would see me now

it has something very meditative
the different yarns and ropes in natural colors are beautiful

first try out for a plant hanger


  1. WOW

    looking very good!

    did some ropes for my planthangers a ew years ago using linen twine
    nothing 70s about this colour - thank god:)

    wish you lots of meditative time!

  2. Looks Great
    I'm also going to start...

  3. Wahnsinn!
    Ich bin zutiefst beeindruckt! Und wunderschön sieht das aus.