Sunday, November 7, 2010

Architecture and Urban Transformation in Europe

On my way to the Cranach exhibition in the BOZAR in Brussels, I came along the free exhibition over urban transformations in Europe.
Some models caught my eye because I recognized them: Zurich an Basel.
If you know the spaces for years and you could feel and see with your own eyes the transformations, it's not all that nice. Architects and cityplanners are sometimes like the mad men of advertisment, on a model and drawing, in photos it looks so good, but you forget the people who lived there.
There are fantastic places and buildings but they are only for rich people. I ask myself what Europe and especially the cities will do with the poor? Put them in ghettos around the city like in South America or Asia?
Here in Anwerp it is already like that. I live in the middle of the muslim ghetto, and the famous Spoor Noord is not far. In the summer the cool and chic drink their Latte on the bar, the marrocan families have their picknick far from the bar on the grass!
Would like to meet more architects who think about this!

Dedicated to my dear brother (if he reads my blog):

 "The Prime Tower was constructed on the borders of Zürich West, a landmark and an important stimulus to the development of the new district. The office tower, with its glazed facades constantly changing colour, is circled by public space which connects the surrounding new and renovated(?) buildings. The immediate environment is the site of countless new and ambitious projects."
So have a look here, that's how my eye sees it!

My few of urban Brussels

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