Saturday, April 9, 2011

Paris- flowers and plants

I start my Parisguide with greens:

  • Marché aux fleurs, place Louis Lépine, 75004
some rare plants, some ordinary ones

what I bougth:
Maidenhair Fern
Corokia cotoneaster
Chinese Money Plant
nearly a ocean blue rose-but too big to take with me

old fashioned flowershop with a special selection and a half hippy lady completly in white dress

what I bought:
Ginko biloba
red roses for my habilleuses

The name says it all!

bookshop speciallized in horticultur, interior, cooking books

what I bought:
handcrafted modern by Leslie Williamson
les cahiers de terres et couleurs: la céramique

  • les jardins des plantes, quai St-Bernhard, 75013
the greenhouses are new, too new for my opinion. So it's not wild yet and still too much structured. If you want to visit, go in 10 years.
But the mountain gardens I liked a lot.
  • somewhere on rue Jacob, 75006
there was a beautiful house with a bookshop and the entrance was with big black pots and very green plants. Rare plants. Modern and kind of graphical!

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