Saturday, April 9, 2011


We are overloaded with photos and I'm so used to take pictures from everything that pays my attention, load it up in the internet and hope to share it with others.

I have to take a break-the only reason: my camera is broke and had to be sent to the canondoctor.

I take the time to take pictures with the Polaroid and the Diana, but I can't load them up, so my blog stays with text alone for a while.

Our nice, not cheap hotel in Paris was for over 12 hours without electricity. Means candles, no internet, no coffee in the morning, no shower, no elevator, no telephones, no check-out, no bills.
This morning I said for the 100 time to myself to take less with me in my suitcase, cause I had to carry my very heavy suitcase down the stairs from the 6th floor without light!

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