Tuesday, May 3, 2011

collector maniacs

I'm not alone!
Feel always kind of better when I spot other people who are even worse in their collecting attitude then me.
Like Merle who has one of the biggest pastel service collection I ever saw. It's not her shop it's in her apartment!

Or like Ford Wheeler said in his portrait in the tmagazine:

"Collecting is kind of like drugs for some poeple, it can be hard to determine when it is just too much."
Ford Wheeler 1
Ford Wheeler 2

In my kitchen there is a pattern:
I collect old aluminium and emaille
I collect wooden objects
I collected red with white dots and brown with white dots
I collect Arzberg 2025
and new I collect nice japanese tea ceramics and porcelain
I don't collect things with chips
I don't spend mostly over 10 euros for something
I don't buy in ebay or etsy

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