Sunday, May 1, 2011

dansk furniture II

This weekend it's Design furniture market in Brussels.
A big hangar filled with the most beautiful furniture from the last 60 years, not only the common pieces like the Eames chairs in all variations also rare and special pieces.

Felt in love with a very nice plywood chair from Eames. The man kindly told me the high price and the story behind:
Charles Eames gave this chair as a gift to Harry Bertoia. Both names are written on the underside: the price 4500.-- euros

As always with dealers, there are nice ones and asholes.
One told me by asking for the price of 4 tiny wooden spoons: "It's wenge! You know wenge? This are no papplepels (papspoons)."
But another one sold me the pendant for all the money I have left in my purse, which was the half of what he was asking for first.

There is the stool pk33 from Poul Kjærholm. He was sold for 4000.-- euros. I have the copy in simily leather and found the perfect tray to build it into a coffeetable. The wood is beautiful-no wenge for sure, maybe rosewood or palisander!!!
Salt and pepper fishes I got as a late birthday present from E.
They are too cute!

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