Thursday, August 4, 2011

on or in fashion

lately I'm a little bit lazy with posting
it's not that I don't discover but it's not always worth to post it directly

by attending the wedding
everybody was occupied with questions about what to wear
what works for me the best is combining vintage pieces with something new
to break the "old-fashioned" look

what's in now are the forties like in uk vogue issue August
but were midi skirts out of fashion ever?
don't think so, they're just too feminine to ever get out

and in fact
nothing can be out
'cause the person who wears it, makes the pieces in again
personal style is always in
that's what fashion should be
the most beautiful sandals I ever had:
perfectly made
nice box and good quality of shoebag
nothing cheap about it
worth the price tag

red hair beauty via style bubble studio sober

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