Wednesday, September 7, 2011

portable life

I did the striped costume for this movie
premiere today in Oostende


  1. Toll, meine Liebste! Wir sind stolz auf Dich! Hoffentlich kommt dieser Film auch zu uns in die Kinos! John hat mir soeben erzählt, dass er diesen Schauspieler Rutger Hauer gerne mag....


  2. Wow, Andrea, congratulations!!! I didn't know you work for the film industry too, fingers crossed:-))) For sure I'll see the movie when it's in Warsaw. If you're a fan of Hauer I recommend you this link:
    visually and conceptually amazing film (and by Polish director!)

  3. It's actually a pitty, the film has beautiful pictures but the story doesn't work at all. And the acting is also not that good, except from Hauer. See you soon x