Friday, September 16, 2011

worst hotel of the tour

we stranded in a hotel in Zagreb with a schizophrenic owner
some special price politics
you can book the room for have a day
that's kind of clear to me :-)
the worst interior I ever saw
so bad taste
and small rooms and dirty toiletts
smells and hair everywhere


  1. Uuuups, bist in einem Stundenhotel gelandet...?!

  2. hehe, it's funny, but on your pictures it looks like a luxorius one;-) you're too talented, changing ugliness to beauty;-) but I confirm - I was there too, the worst place ever (and I'm NOT a demanding client...) the receptionists acted like refugees from a psychiatric hospital. But my heart goes with the old "hotel-boy" missing some teeth but always smiling and the young waiter in a too big "uniform". I wish he finds a better place to work, sigh...

  3. You're right Kasia. I should have taken more photos of the other people. The boy in the uniform was too good. And the first morning I saw as well a prostitute with a chihuahua. She was perfectly fitting in the decor. But I don't have to say anything, 'cause the receptionist in the Palace Hotel told me to leave the Hotel till 5am. 'cause he thought that I'm a Hotelprostitute :-(