Monday, November 28, 2011

apple tart I & II

baked two different apple tarts

Öpfelwähe with pomegranate and ginger
the swiss classic with a twist

Tarte Tatin
the french classic

the only apples, you buy in a regular supermarket, which are usefull for this are


  1. ahhhh....yummy! I also want a receipe for the second one (not covered in the German link...)By the way is creme fraiche Sahne/cream? if yes, how much fat is there (30%, 18%?)XX Kasia

  2. :-) will send you by mail my mothers recipe! You know there is a little different between german and swiss :-) We use milk and eggs instead of cream. But crème fraiche is sour cream with 30% fat. The french cooking is no low fat cooking! x