Friday, January 13, 2012

favorite jackets

I like layering of jackets
I like wool
I like boyish jackets
I like small shoulders-which is difficult with mens jackets!
I like Tweed
I like pockets

APC A/W 11
Isabel Marant Etoile S/S 12
Brockenhaus handknitted mens cardigan 70ies
thrift store handknitted wool cardigan
Marni A/W 10
Brockenhaus Camel Coat cut-off 70ies
Second Hand wool blazer 40ies
uniqlo mens blazer
army raincape 1975
Vanessa Bruno jeansjacket

jak and jill did their blog new
a glimpse of fashion inspiration
and Mister Mort has some of the best streetsyle from the US, unusual

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