Thursday, June 14, 2012

sheeps cloth

in May and June the sheeps have to get sheared
but nobody wants to have the black colored wool
normaly they throw it away
F. brought me one fleece of one black sheep
I washed it and want to use it for stuffing my cusions
it would be such a pitty to throw this fantastic material away

beautiful portraits of artisans from Hermès here
it's one of my dreams to work for Hermès


  1. wow it's such a beautiful colour!

  2. Have you tried to use it yet? I have wool from two sheep (from my father), but I can't find the time to make yarn right now. Is it good for stuffing cusions? It sounds genius! ^_^ It IS a shame to just throw out all that precious wool.
    I enjoy your blog a lot btw :)

    1. I stuff indeed little cushions with it, like the mouse cushion for a kid and the cattoy. The cat likes the animal smell! I mean, I didn't washed it totaly clean, the grease is still in it!