Sunday, September 1, 2013

plants & pots

some new plants with tiny flowers
first geranium ever: pelargonium ocellatum
another green-purple one: tradescantia fluminensis
aloës from hortus Amsterdam and plantentuin Meise does it well:
aloë ciliaris Haw.
in Belgium I find the best plants on the flea!


  1. you get your plants on flea markets also?!
    me too - the best finds are from there...

    and if you come to regensburg, no matter when, you have to get yourself some cuttings from my geraniums - i have more than 20 varieties.
    i need to cut them down before winter, most of them got too huge, leggy and old, so i can make you some plants if you´d like.

    just let me know!

  2. Hi, found my way here via Suzy et son lapin, and I already like your blog a lot! Beautiful plants, flea finds...