Monday, August 30, 2010

minimalist or not?


You remember my Biedemeier table cleaning session? I just had to take a picture now from the same angle. I'm not a minimalist-I like to be a minimalist but I'm not. My apartement could never show up in elle decoration, because it's just too full, even a little bit messy. And I like to staple things on my tables, and I like to write lists but I always forget them at home when I go out. I have lists for wishes, dreams, cities, music, work to do, shopping food and shopping clothes, websites... And I'm also working with at least 6 sketch/ idea books. So enough really personal stuff now.

And I went to see an apartment today. The best was the staircase. I tried to lift up the vase, but it's marble and part of the banisters. Found it a pitty that the lavender was fake, later I reallized that you could never get out the water anymore, because it's fixed!

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