Wednesday, September 1, 2010

garden after rain and holidays


It's always a suprise to come back after 6 weeks and see your garden again. Some plants did it well and some really not. The biggest problem here is, that they don't get enough sun. And I think to plant a tree in a pot is really not the best idea: the Japanese maple and the Maackia amurensis lost all their leaves! Then one of my shade plants just desapeared but the other one is flowering very pretty: Tricyrtis hirta! And my japanese travel plant is still alive with 5 new leaves. The last days I couldn' t even take photos because it was raining the whole time.
The plants who did it best are the once I picked on street or in some gardens. Like the Grünlilie. She is flowering as well. The worst plants are my tomatos from seeds from Brico. I have just one and she is still very green! All seeds from Brico are actually just bullshit, seeds from Migros and all the botanical gardens are very good. It's worse to spend a little bit more for good seeds or just steal it when you walk along some nice plants.
The succulents and cactus are easy and they grow without looking for them.

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