Monday, September 20, 2010

homesick souvenirs


My heart makes a double beat when I spot something from Switzerland on a fleamarket. It's like to have immediately a closer connection to the piece.
Recently, bags out of old swiss postsacks were for sale in this nice shop. The manufacturer are germans and I have 10 sacks like that at home, but I never did something out of it! Globalisation!
I got this foulard in silk from the Lago Maggiore. Light colours and nicely drawings-beginning of the fifties or maybe even earlier. It's a very fine twill.
The real rayon Hawaii shirt is as well from the fifties. The colour faded out a lot, soft fluffy touch and a small size. In Kauai I couldn't afford it, in Berlin I did. All vintage in the US is so expensive!
To wash silk I recommend this product: tenestar speziell für reine Seide. It's very good and even oil spots go out in handwash.

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