Saturday, February 18, 2012

Conor Donlon

Interesting to know about people who graduated in fashion
but don't really work in the fashion industrie
what they do now

like Conor Donlon
great bookshop he has
it's true that research has sometimes more in it then the final collection
it's such a hugh field
and I agree with him by saying
it’s a funny one, the fashion industry. But then I find the art world isn’t all that different, they operate in a very similar way on many levels. It’s because I don’t really feel completely affiliated to the art world, nor to fashion or photography worlds that I am free to mix things together in a way that other people may probably think is wrong, high brow alongside the outwardly trashy. For me that’s what makes it fun, being able to dip into different areas without having to be tied down.
maybe that's why I like to work for theater
I did for the first time a costume for a dance solo
a lot of research, a kind of "small" costume
but I hope a lot of references
will show you when it's out

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