Sunday, February 12, 2012

mixing herb tea

some time ago I bought a herb tea from a northitalian monastery
the tea is going to an end
so I tried to mix it myself
sort the different ingredients to find the right measure


normaly also cornflower, but couldn't find it in Belgium
more mint, balm and chamomile then the rest
sage is very strong, put in too much


  1. ahhh, so nice to do your own herb tea. where do you find all these? do you grow soem of them?
    i wonder what hollyhock is..need to find out.
    thanks for the inspiration.

    i was having kind of down mood this morning but your post cheer me up. thank you!

    1. dear coco, nice that my post helped you, so will do this tea. To be honest it was hard work to find all the herbs. I mean mint, balm and chamomile are easy to find, but the nicely colored herbs are difficult. They belong to the alpin flora, and in a monastery garden they cultivate it for centuries. In Switzerland it would also be easier to find then in Belgium. The red petales-the goldbalm-is from the swiss mountains, the chamomile from Benedictines in Poland, the calendula from the Netherlands and the hollyhock I found in an organic store. Hollyhock is this: and normaly more purple and not blue like on the photos. I just see that I translated it wrong! If you want I can send you a mix? Give me your email, and we will see.

  2. Der Tee sieht so schön aus! Beinah schade ihn mit heissem Wasser zu ertränken... xxx

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