Sunday, February 19, 2012

from stockings to colour

it's getting warmer and the time of the fleamarket is back without nose which freez to dead
some nice things I found yesterday

enamel plate - hugh enough to carry a cake
cake wire - I have now 4 so I can open a bakkery!
a table mirror - for the girls who visit me to put on their make-up
wooden object - to put on the wall
5 forms for knitted stockings - from baby to grown-up women
I can definitly open a shop :-)

went also to see this exhibition
Per Kirkeby
nice colours and a beautiful film, his process of painting one big canvas
I dislike the fact that photos are nearly never permitted in exhibitions
the prints in the book are not good qualitiy, completely different colours

and this book would be very interesting: about colours by Wittgenstein

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