Wednesday, February 15, 2012


recently I think a lot about craftmanship and old technics
I remember 10 years ago when I started in the Art Academie
there were only a few who could knit, do crochet and embroderie by hand
I was trained by my mother and sister since I was six
for me it was normal and was always my hobby

since a few years crafting is having a comeback
it's all over on the internet, on blogs, in lifestyle magazines, in interior magazines, especially on etsy
nearly everybody- or should I better say everywoman, 'cause it stays mostly a womans thing-
tries also to do money out of it

sometimes it's a little too much vintage for me and back to the fifties or the victorian age
the housewife combined with hippie attitude
and I'm sure there are already some therapists working with crochet

but there is some nice work too
art pieces
people who give the whole thing a contemporary touch

some of my favorites:

Renhilde Depeuter - she spots often nice work from others
mieke willems - the socks & mittens in very nice colour combinations
Louise Bourgeois-the fabric works- actually an artist still from the old generation and not the etsy generation :-)
Christien Meindertsma
Susie Cowie

I made some vintage crochet and knitting too
not for sale just for a cosy home and to get rid of too much wool!
They are chair cushions, doubled, filled with thick felt circles


  1. hey i recently found out who you are! and i love your blog! so many nice things you have!!! i am a fan!
    and i love your crochet circles!
    see you around!

  2. yes i know what you mean about too much nostalgia and business-mindedness.
    i have a few things my great grandmother made - a shirt from old bedsheets and an apron worn threadbare. there's some authenticity missing in the new batch of craft sometimes. i still think its lovely that people are interested again. i think its good for people to make things with their hands. therapeutic and whole-brain engaging or something.
    thanks for the links!

  3. kennst du diese site?
    echt geniale gratis!-anleitungen zum nachstricken und -häkeln =)